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 Hourly Blitz 50m  18
 Schroeder  1+0 Anti Rated 30m  1/4
 Shepherd  7+2 Rated 40m  3/4
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  1. hiding information; opponents […] s138110 +1, agree completely
  2. hiding information; opponents […] vsim Yes, it hides the titles.
  3. hiding information; opponents […] LM Bikfoot Does it toggle the titles too?
  4. Stockfish 6 is released Toadofsky We're actively working on upgrading the KOTH Stockfish engine... http: […]
  5. hiding information; opponents […] LogicallyCompromised thank you so much good sir! i like how it did not effect the action f […]
  6. [GAMES] Post your best games here! motion Here is another play against stockfish where I lose despite getting th […]
  7. [GAMES] Post your best games here! motion This is against stockfish 4, http://en.lichess.org/DLe88HfX#4 there […]
  8. hiding information; opponents […] vsim Hey lc, I created a small chrome extension that allows users to toggle […]
  9. Stockfish 6 is released Clarkey We effectively already use it, we take updates directly from the git repo.
  10. Stockfish 6 is released runpawnrun Any plans to upgrade?
  11. Dead draws in atomic LukeSurl In this game, from move 33 onwards we got to a position whereby the ga […]
  12. Bug: Analysis board isn't load […] eddieo Awesome! Thank you.
  13. [GAMES] Post your best games here! Malevolent @motion his opponent was pretty much the same rating...
  14. Lichess meetup à Paris, ce mer […] kris9191 The first historic meeting, congratulations. Maybe one day, these plac […]
  15. [GAMES] Post your best games here! motion that was a nice game, orion but who knows you could have keep fighting […]
  16. [GAMES] Post your best games here! Malevolent @orionchess that isnt perfect, you simply made no mistakes
  17. Please make a "report a player […] Saptarshi10 Yes, that is easier....................
  18. Bug: Analysis board isn't load […] thibault Ah, sorry about that. The bug will be fixed by tomorrow.
  19. lichess on android Eugeneius- Yes, thank you for the app. I see it is only the beta version which la […]
  20. [GAMES] Post your best games here! orionchess my perfect game, no mistakes :) http://ru.lichess.org/v2VkpIFb
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