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Hourly Blitz 50m  1
Hourly Bullet 30m  31
Cheek  5+0 960 Rated 50m  2/8
Page  7+2 2h  1/30
Spears  3+0 Anti Rated 25m  2/4
Jernigan  3+0 3+ Rated 30m  13/4
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  1. Tournament's bug SantiaghoGarcia First, I do not speak English well. When I try to leave out of a tour […]
  2. Why is there a Facebook group […] Hellball Today I learnt that supporting lichess LITERALLY makes me Stalin.
  3. Why is there a Facebook group […] rise_UIED 'You love chess and you think, lichess.org has a nice interface and is […]
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  5. Why is there a Facebook group […] nonobvious :) glad you find humor in it. I was like, wtf?
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  8. New Rating Section - Rapid ChessRook Also if this were to be implemented, the change between systems could […]
  9. New Rating Section - Rapid ChessRook A new rating system where classical is split into rapid and standard/c […]
  10. # in URL broken? YetAnotherAccount It used to be (if I am not mistaken) that a URL like http://en.lich […]
  11. Puzzle 8168 SunshineFlower Thanks, completely missed it.
  12. Computer analyses: Pawn-value […] Dr_King_Schultz The pawn value of the engine line should just be the evaluation of the […]
  13. Minor change: 1+3 is now blitz […] Solal35 If 1+3 is blitz, why 0+5 is bullet ? Because 5x40=200 and 200 seconds […]
  14. Puzzle 8168 SunshineFlower Hi there! http://en.lichess.org/training/8168 Why after Re6 the […]
  15. Minor change: 1+3 is now blitz […] thibault Lichess now assumes that a game lasts 40 moves in average, instead of […]
  16. Computer analyses: Pawn-value […] Landei The computer analysis is one of my favorite features. But sometimes it […]
  17. Suggestion: real-time computer […] Acemond Wouldn't it be neat to test different opening moves while getting inst […]
  18. Suggestion: Opt-in sides/teams […] NoviceChess-Youtube Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to implement opting into pre […]
  19. suggestion: choosing white's s […] NoviceChess-Youtube Ah, a board switch feature in tactics trainer...I like it!
  20. suggestion: choosing white's s […] colin20g In the training mode, the side which has to play is always at the bott […]
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