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  1. Game with a much stronger player okgo i) Inaccuracy? After you failed to play 12... h5 you are simply lost. […]
  2. where are the played games? calmar Is there no library of the own played games? I can't find it. and a […]
  3. anyone else falling in love? Dionysus_god No but I am partial to the bright blue one :)
  4. anyone else falling in love? Bourbon53 falling in love with the new "jeans" chess board?
  5. let's play the "connection" game susruthi music. songs.
  6. let's play the "connection" game kkinley You have to say one word then someone else has do say a word that has […]
  7. Game with a much stronger player awesomer In the sicilian Dragon white, if he plays it, plays Bc4 to prevent d5. […]
  8. Stockfish Engines Ratings? Toadofsky #1 I'm working on calculating more accurate/intuitive ratings for Stoc […]
  9. Stockfish Engines Ratings? yappyfloater Stockfish is really strong but the Lichess servers seem overloaded as […]
  10. [Suggestion] Win rate % by opening ChessSystem Would be great to see statistics on different openings played.
  11. best chess related movies Isaiah4031 There is a well done B movie called "Knight Moves" --- a cautionary ta […]
  12. pairing system in arena tournaments heptagon Please anyone explain how does the pairing system exactly work. The co […]
  13. best chess related movies andonuts "Computer Chess" is a pretty amusing one.
  14. Game of the century played tod […] andonuts Wow. A Super-GM game that was actually interesting. Imagine that!
  15. changing username andonuts Well...just make a new account with that username. Am I missing something here?
  16. Game with a much stronger player fikpatt Hello guys, Please here is another game from me against a stronger pl […]
  17. Game of the century played tod […] Daveyboyz Chess network has an analysis of this game on his you tube https://www […]
  18. It happens to the best of us Dionysus_god I was going to ask the same thing as rise_UIED. I assume that he's tit […]
  19. "Create a GIF of the game" option. kreedz I have this task in my own todo list. >If these are too much of a s […]
  20. It happens to the best of us rise_UIED "even a titled player can make unbelievable blunders, especially at fa […]
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Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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